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    Interested in any Durango shooting clubs, hunting, etc

    Hey all, I moved to Durango in February. I got real quietfor a while about guns since I got a denial on a P365XL I had transferred here a few months after I moved, and had never had an issue in AZ buying anything that needed a 4473, but it worked itself out, it was a computer error something...
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    National  Native Activists Demand Federal Intervention in Alaska Hunting Regulations

    Native activists have requested the Department of the Interior close all non-native/subsistence hunting on federal land in northwest Alaska. It was only during the Trump Administration that the Alaska Department of Fish and Game was able to regain management of the state's wildlife resources...
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    Looking for a deer hunting partner in AZ Unit 30A.

    I'm Looking for a deer hunting partner in AZ Unit 30A. Got drawn, but due to the proximity to the border and the traffic both illegals and drugs through the area, I don't feel comfortable hunting it solo. I plan on camping in the unit and have a tent trailer and all the equipment. Let me know...