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zim784 Ad Owner
Gen1. No reinforcing ribs on the frame.
Hello im in Albuquerque if still for sale 505-208-9532 call me
What would estimate the whole lot. No retail price please. I'm looking for a deal. I understand you paid what you paid but if I want to spend what you spent, I'll buy in store
What was your paypal email address? For some reason our conversation history is gone? I can pay you today
What clips do you have any drums?
I'm interested in your g34. I will be in the Phoenix area either Monday or Tuesday, anyway we can meet up? -thanks jake
What caliber ruger are you looking for?
localbrew Ad Owner
Yes it's still available
How heavy is the gun? I'm looking for something for my 13 year old son to go to the range with and the lever action style is a classic for sure.
I was wondering if you were still selling ypur 12 gauge shotgun
You take 60.00 for 8mm remington ammo
Is this still available?
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Are you asking $41 per box of 50?
well, that is better, but they can still be bought at a store for less (tax included).
I have some .40 cal ammo, wanna trade, box for box?
ErectusM Ad Owner
I do not have a .40 cal atm . How many rds of the .38 special you need
If not alot will cut you a deal
atm I have 100 rounds. Fortunately when you shoot 5 or 6 at a time that lasts a whole day. But, that's one trip to the range. So I wouldn't mind a couple hundred more. They are just FMJ?
How is the size compared to the 380? I bought the 380 for my daughter and I like it. She's not very accurate with it, but I think it's a personal preference thing.
localbrew Ad Owner
Likely a little bigger, bigger grip, wider etc. I don't have the .380 specs but this is a very nice feeling pistol in the hand.
Where are ayou located and is it in good condition? Thanks
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