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Will be traveling in the Tucson area most of next week and am desperately seeking a small part for a Smith & Wesson 380 Bodyguard - the lockup pin (or sometimes also referred to as the take-down lever) part # 396760000.
Is there any chance you could help me with this part, or, if you can't can you recommend someone in the Tucson or Phoenix area that might be able to ?
Thank you !!!

Bob Knorr
What's your favorite color?
Is this area still open to target shooting?
Can I drive up, set up my table, my targets and zero in my rifles or handguns?
If the answer is yes, what are the directions, or GPS coordinates for this location?
Thanks in advance!
The Church camp road is fenced, and "open to construction only". The fence is about 50' in off the highway, enough room to turn around and leave.

This AZGF/BLM boondoggle will likely spend millions and not be open for another year, it ever. The other range they built has been sitting, ready to go for 7 months and they've done nothing.

They haven't figured out caliber limitations, 50BMG/20mm, they haven't figured out weapon limitation SMGs, MGs, they don't know what they will do if somebody brings there old flat screen out there to shoot it, they don't know what they will do if somebody sets up their own legitimate targets, They do have a large sign posting area where they will forbid some things and that will work just like it does in the desert. They don't know WTF they're doing, but stupid is as stupid does and they continue to do it.
when is your next concealed carry permit class
I've got a M700 in .308 and want to mount an AAC MGSD suppressor. I'm thinking of changing barrel to bull. However since rifle is used, I'm not sure the receiver is worth the change. I'm in Phoenix. I imagine I'd have to bring in the pieces so you could advise of the modes to make. Is this forum for Pueblo or is that separate?

How much would you charge to tap a 20 gauge full choke barrel for choke tubes ?
Best to take the gun in with the choke you propose. I do not think they quote with out seeing.
I wonder what they charge for a transfer?
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