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Box is not in perfect condition but everything else is. The knife itself has a lanyard which I have not seen in any pictures of other NITE-TECH knives. It very much appears to be factory though.
I will try to verify with SOG if that is the case.

SOG Knives Collectors' Review/Take:
This knife is the 'blackened' version of the Tech II, and is also known as the "grand-daddy" of the Seal 2000 knife. Like the Midnight Tigershark, it was an exclusively produced by SOG Knives for the 'Cutlery Shoppe' knife company. It's production ran side by side with the satin-finished 'Tech II', which is the closest in dimensions (7") and geometry to the Nite Tech, except that it loses the Tech II's brass guard. Under the gun-blue coating does not lie a satin-finish, which explains why the Midnight Tigershark does not have a shiny mirror finish like the S1 Bowie. It instead has a blackened finish that has low reflectivity.

Some say that the blackened Nite Tech brings out the innate dark being of the Tech II knife in a way never seen before. Small, dark, sleek but yet ever so deadly. It is believed to be the foundation for the develpoment of the 'Seal 2000' knife for the US Navy SEALs.

Blade Length: 7 in. x .250 in.
Overall length: 12.25 in.
Blade steel: SK-5
Blade hardness: Rc.~57-58?
Blade finish: Gun-blued
Weight: ~12.6 oz.
Edge: Straight
Carry System: Black Condura sheath
Handle Material: Black Kraton handle
Knife Type: Fixed Blade
Country of origin: Japan
Part #: SSNITE


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