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I'm Looking for a deer hunting partner in AZ Unit 30A. Got drawn, but due to the proximity to the border and the traffic both illegals and drugs through the area, I don't feel comfortable hunting it solo. I plan on camping in the unit and have a tent trailer and all the equipment. Let me know if you're interested via this thread.
I've got the muley hunt 10/30 thru 11/5. I've been doing virtual scouting using ON-X and google earth and have some areas narrowed down. Plan on going down next month to look at them in person and do some pre-dove scouting. There are lot of whitewings in that area.
I'm definitely interested. My schedule is a bit crazy and that's a little far out for me to give a solid yes/no yet, but let's try to connect. I'd be down to go do some scouting too, let me know when you start planning that.

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