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Deer hunting is hunting for deer for meat or sport, an activity which dates back tens of thousands of years. Venison, the name for deer meat, is a nutritious and natural food source of animal protein that can be obtained through deer hunting. There are many different types of deer around the world that are hunted for their meat.
Hunting deer is a regulated activity in many territories. In the US, a state government agency such as a Department of Fish and Wildlife (DFW) or Department of Natural Resources (DNR) oversees the regulations. In the United Kingdom, it is illegal to use bows or rifles chambered in bores smaller than .243 caliber (6mm) for hunting.

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  1. J

    Looking for a deer hunting partner in AZ Unit 30A.

    I'm Looking for a deer hunting partner in AZ Unit 30A. Got drawn, but due to the proximity to the border and the traffic both illegals and drugs through the area, I don't feel comfortable hunting it solo. I plan on camping in the unit and have a tent trailer and all the equipment. Let me know...
  2. D

    Weather during deer season in Nevada

    Does anyone know how the weather is during deer season for the Ely, Elko, Mr Charleston and the sourcing areas for this part of the valley for deer season. I’m just now getting back into the sport and starting from scratch and need to know what type of clothing I should start buying? example...
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