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The 30-06 Springfield cartridge (pronounced "thirty-ought-six" IPA: [ˈθɝɾi ɔt sɪks]), 7.62×63mm in metric notation and called "30 Gov't '06" by Winchester, was introduced to the United States Army in 1906 and later standardized; it remained in use until the late 1970s. The "30" refers to the caliber of the bullet in inches. The "06" refers to the year the cartridge was adopted, 1906. It replaced the 30-03, 6mm Lee Navy, and 30-40 Krag cartridges. The 30-06 remained the U.S. Army's primary rifle and machine gun cartridge for nearly 50 years before being replaced by the 7.62×51mm NATO and 5.56×45mm NATO, both of which remain in current U.S. and NATO service. It remains a very popular sporting round, with ammunition produced by all major manufacturers.

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  1. S

    Eddie 30-06 WESTHUNTER scope with 178 Amax /175 match hits plate 450 yards

    were getting closer folks
  2. S

    Eddie 30-06 1917 sporter with New scope still not zero in 475 yards

    well back to adjusting
  3. S

    Mauser 1915 sportier 30-06 group Great! just to far to the left :(

    oh well that dust was to much need a spotter \
  4. S

    Mauser German 30-06 1915 sporter verses stevens 22lr at 250 yards 🦖 gets it LOL

    now that was funny how green dino bounce off the plate
  5. S

    Mauser Kaiser 30-06 sporter at 600 yards frags the plate dinos 178 Amax 175 match

    well the 175 drop a little more
  6. S

    German Mauser 1915 30-06 sporter verses Mak-90 ak at 555 yards

    well that was werird i had to bring both over tto the right so much
  7. S

    Ar-15 T-91 verses Mauser couger 30-06 at 502 yards 68gr match hit dino/can

    yeah both rifles a letter to the left of plate
  8. S

    Mauser 30-06 Couger hits plate at 600 yards with 20mph winds 130 Hp speer

    well the 140 gr drop alot more then i thought must of under charge those some
  9. S

    MAUSER 🐯 couger 30-06 hits plate 3 rd shot 130 HP speer check out muzzle flash

    that military powder sure fireballs out the muzzle sometimes lol
  10. S

    556 & 30-06 penetration Test Cuts through 4x6 Block of Old Dry out wood

    well i couldnt find the exit of the 556 75 gr but looks like it went through
  11. S

    Bullet proof Ceramic filled Big truck Dryer Filter (556 75gr) didn't go through 30-06💥 did😛

    wow that was one tough filter lol 30-06 175 gr did it
  12. S

    New Eddiestone 30-06 Bright Camo Edition at 550 yards takesout target 1st shot

    well i frang it with a 178 amax
  13. S

    SAVAGE stevens 22lr 954 hits bottle /can w redot out shoots 30-06 Mauser with scope

    now that was fun didn't know i was hitting the can and bottles do to the redot not magnified
  14. S

    MAUSER German 1915 Gewehr 98 30-06 sporter hits plate at 500 yards 175 gr

    ok i might of went 1 click to the right to much
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