1. L

    Mil-surp 30-06 AP in cans

    30-06 Mil surp. sealed "tin cans" w. bandoliers ready for the M1 Garand. In "AP" Qty: 192 rds. per can. 9 sealed cans and 1 opened can... Total 10 cans..... $400 per can Location: Tucson . Possible meet in Queen Creek area also. If you have questions please contact in private. Thanks
  2. azbrbas

    30-06 Savage Bolt Action

    For sale is a brand new Savage AXIS chambered in 30-06. Box mag fed, 4+1. Will come with one box of Winchester 165 grain power point, the 6"-9" bipod and a 3-9x40 AO scope which includes lens covers and a foam scope cover. Everything is new, just decided to finish a different build. $390 cash or...
  3. T

    30-06 brass cleaned and polished.

    Stainless Steel Pin tumbled, so even the inside is clean. Most is once fired, some new. Bags of 50 $25 each 350 available.
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