Year 308 (CCCVIII) was a leap year starting on Thursday (link will display the full calendar) of the Julian calendar. At the time, it was known as the Year of the Consulship of Valerius and Valerius (or, less frequently, year 1061 Ab urbe condita). The denomination 308 for this year has been used since the early medieval period, when the Anno Domini calendar era became the prevalent method in Europe for naming years.

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    sks yugo wolf FMJ/tula Hp verses Swiss 308 168 match out to 501 yards

    Sks did as good as the swiss i see in that wind~~
  2. S

    AR-10 Bear creek using 178 AMAX verses Swiss 308 168 match at 600 yards

    looks like i am adjusted now swiss was hiting high?
  3. S

    AR-!0 308 🐻 bear Creek verses Swiss k11 308 at 700 yards looks like tie last shot best😛

    well the bear creek sure shoots as good as my aero ar-10 swiss looking better going to try 140 gr and 155 from now on with military powder
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    Swiss 308 168 gr💥 large rock to Smithereames 😛 /part 2 wild shooting 4064 not good😲

    wow military ppower wc 844 is good in the swiss and 4064 ugly
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    AR-10 Bear Creek 308 at 430 yards using steel case reloads 1 plate hit aiming low

    Btw i shot the swiss before this hits were off camera very low? so i cut the video and only used ar-10 ok those drop more then i thought didnt want to go higher then 41.5 grains do to unknown ruskie powder that was loaded with 140 gr sp before
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    Ar-10 308 🐻 creek at 500 yards 4 shots only just right of 🎯 needs a few clicks to left

    not bad is was a little of on the scope
  7. S

    SKS knocks down remote camera 1st shot Ar-10 308 blows a primer & 1 stuck case

    but the good nes is it was dead on hitting close to the plate and 1 hit by 1 of the rifles taken out of chamber last shot over sized brass reload
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    AR-10 Bear 🐻 creek 308 verses Swiss k11 sporter at 380 yards 25 Mph side winds

    got a plate hit with the swiss wow that was lucky bear creek group good with that ruskie pulled powder 42 grs 168 match
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    AR-10 AERO 308 165 gr speer Cuts IRON plate into 2 pieces at 600 yards

    wow didnt know it was so old maybe 1800s
  10. S

    Howa 308 hits plate 1st shot at *700 Yards!* & 175 gr goes threw bullet🦖 proof

    wow dins got blasted at the 5th shot to lol
  11. S

    Spanish Mauser 308 out to 600 groups Great left of plate 168 match military powder dino tumble

    yeah i am satisfyed with that grouping aim low last shot to try to frag it
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    AERO Precision Ar-10 308 700 yards Hits bullet proof filter dead center 🦖 head

    wow the steel case is as good as brass?
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    Ar-10 308 AERO hit💥 plate 1st 👍hot dead center at 400 yards Mauser takes out 🦖💥

    wow now that was cool i knew the areo was a good shootetr
  14. S

    Howa 308 600yards steelcase & brass compared yards hits plate 3 shot dino got hit

    weres waldo dino at ?
  15. S

    Spanish mauser / Aero Ar-10 308 at 360 yards 45Mph high Cross winds 🦖 took a hi💥t

    wow didnt know the 165 gr would be pushed 6 to 8 feet drift in that wind
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    308 Speer Soft Point into💥 🦖2 Water Jugs & soda bottle expansion test

    dinod went for a ride i see LOL
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    Shootaround with phoenix 22lr 45 yards & Swiss k11 308 at 470 yards mount loosen up

    well that mount was good for 3 years and finally broke loose i see
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    swiss k11 308 sporter 499 siteing in used scope i put on fr😡ustrating to see the hits💥

    well looks like i am close i say 2 to 3 clicks to the left should do it next time
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    Saiga ak 308 redot 120 yards & Mak-90 312 yards Wolf performance did great

    so it looks like that wolf performance is ok after all
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