Calcium selenide (CaSe) is a chemical compound consisting of the elements calcium and selenium in equal stoichiometric ratio.

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  1. S

    AR-10 Bear Creek 308 at 430 yards using steel case reloads 1 plate hit aiming low

    Btw i shot the swiss before this hits were off camera very low? so i cut the video and only used ar-10 ok those drop more then i thought didnt want to go higher then 41.5 grains do to unknown ruskie powder that was loaded with 140 gr sp before
  2. S

    SKS knocks down remote camera 1st shot Ar-10 308 blows a primer & 1 stuck case

    but the good nes is it was dead on hitting close to the plate and 1 hit by 1 of the rifles taken out of chamber last shot over sized brass reload
  3. Jayc71

    National  Supreme Court drops NYC 2A case as well as all 10 others which were on hold.

    Sad day for Freedom in the US.
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