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The Colt AR-15 is a lightweight, 5.56×45mm, magazine-fed, gas-operated semi-automatic rifle. The "AR” stands for ArmaLite Rifle. It was designed to be manufactured with extensive use of aluminum alloys and synthetic materials. Colt was but no longer is marketing to civilian customers and is presently only marketing to law-enforcement customers, due to oversaturation in the civilian market. Colt's Manufacturing Company currently uses the AR-15 trademark for its line of semi-automatic AR-15 rifles.

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  1. S

    Eddie 30-06 1917 sporter with New scope still not zero in 475 yards

    well back to adjusting
  2. S

    Spanish Mauser 308 sporter out to 550 yards military powder 165 gr speer

    no wind at all yeah the trigger is basic creep be tken out but still has a 6lb pull
  3. S

    Mauser German 30-06 1915 sporter verses stevens 22lr at 250 yards 🦖 gets it LOL

    now that was funny how green dino bounce off the plate
  4. S

    Mauser Kaiser 30-06 sporter at 600 yards frags the plate dinos 178 Amax 175 match

    well the 175 drop a little more
  5. S

    German Mauser 1915 30-06 sporter verses Mak-90 ak at 555 yards

    well that was werird i had to bring both over tto the right so much
  6. S

    swiss 308 k11 sporter at 600 yard last shot 7th the best others low

    well i need to load 155 grs from now on and 140 gs
  7. S

    SKS yugo sporter 500 yards dino loosen up my scope mount part 2 fix Loctite

    yeah dino a tricky character
  8. S

    AR-10 Bear 🐻 creek 308 verses Swiss k11 sporter at 380 yards 25 Mph side winds

    got a plate hit with the swiss wow that was lucky bear creek group good with that ruskie pulled powder 42 grs 168 match
  9. S

    swiss k11 308 sporter 499 siteing in used scope i put on fr😡ustrating to see the hits💥

    well looks like i am close i say 2 to 3 clicks to the left should do it next time
  10. S

    SkS yugo sporter out to 501 yards hit dino twice and plate

    well time for a new dino lol took awhile to figure i was to the left some
  11. S

    MAUSER German 1915 Gewehr 98 30-06 sporter hits plate at 500 yards 175 gr

    ok i might of went 1 click to the right to much
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