1. Joe Link

    Nevada  Colt, Others Face Reinstated Las Vegas Shooting Claim Over AR-15
  2. O

    Layke Tactical AR-15

    Want to trade my layke tactical AR with 18 inch barrel. I've fired a total of 30 rounds through it which was to mount and zero the scope. Comes with a Leupold vxr patrol 3-9 scope. The rifle is a quality build I just have one too many ARs and want to diversify my collection. Looking to trade...
  3. 1971Chevelle

    Other State  11 Year Old Girl Takes AR-15 To Hearing On Gun Legislation...

    An 11 year old girl took a loaded AR-15 to a hearing on gun legislation in Idaho (ranked number 2 nationally for gun rights - Arizona is number 1). Kind of funny that she attended the hearing, spoke her peace, and no one was shot, killed, or threatened. Amazing how they try to vilify law...
  4. leo1981

    ar-15 bushmaster $1000

    Up for sale is a ar-15 bushmaster, asking $1000 firm on price will come with over 1000 rounds of ammo, hard sights, 4 30 capacity magazines, this one is the one used by military and law enforcement only. 602-319-8962
  5. 1971Chevelle

    Other State  Woman With AR-15 Kills Intruder...

    It's about time that someone posted an article about someone with an AR-15 stopping a crime/criminal:
  6. G

    Look to sale Ar-15 Rifle

    Look to sell rifle maybe 100 round ever been used ask for pictures any other info you might like to know ask thank you
  7. Dosh

    American Spirit Arms AR-15

    5.56/.223 cal. Bought it directly from American Spirit Arms in Scottsdale, Az on Election Day 2010. Sighted in and have only <200 rounds through it. Bought for home defense and has sat beside the bed since. I now have a high capacity 12 gauge and buck shot to take its place. Asking $700.
  8. LVgundude

    5.56 Armscor 55grain FMJ ammo BALL, M193

    5.56 Armscor 55grain FMJ ammo BALL, M193, for AR-15 Rifles. NEW brass, not reloaded! Great ammo and im selling some of my excess supply in 500 round increments for $180.00 per 500 rounds. Need more than 500 rounds? Make me an offer! Email questions to Richard at: I'll...
  9. R

    AR Keymod Handguard 15" Black - $80

    Hi Everyone, Time to clean out the parts left over from my previous AR builds. I didnt use them since I decided to go a different direction for my builds. 15" Keymod Handguards, Matte Black. I have these on a few of my builds and I really like them. They feel very solid and shoot well. Price...
  10. J

    INTER ORDNANCE M215-ML15 223 REM 5.56 NATO

    Visit WWW.JDRGUNSLLC.COM FAMILY:AR-15 Rifle Series MODEL:M215-ML15TYPE:Rifle ACTION:Semi-Auto FINISH:Matte Black STOCK/FRAME:Collapsible / Folding Stock STOCK/GRIPS:6-Position Adjustable Stock CALIBER/GAUGE:223 Rem | 5.56 NATO CAPACITY:30+1# OF MAGS:1 MAGAZINE DESC:30 rd...
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