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Shot/reverse shot (or shot/countershot) is a film technique where one character is shown looking at another character (often off-screen), and then the other character is shown looking back at the first character (a reverse shot or countershot). Since the characters are shown facing in opposite directions, the viewer assumes that they are looking at each other.

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  1. S

    AK-47 Mak-90 500 yards hits Dixie cup off the plate 1st shot 500 yards WOW

    now that was because of the new mount i put on Show more
  2. S

    Sears & Roebuck 22lr Bolt action single shot out to 250 yards plus hits plate can

    yeah thats was cool not much wind pusing it
  3. S

    FIVE 0 was i jerking the trigger? XD 40 new trigger kit installed still got out shot By hungary FEG 9mm at 50 yards hits plate

    well dont know about the xd 40 still maybe me jerking ?
  4. S

    Tactical 20 Gauge Shotgun pump 20 feet BBS/BUCK into cans & wood block pattern

    well shot low the 2 nd shot i see shell got a little stuck
  5. S

    Tactical 20 Gauge Shotgun pump water jug on fence post bbs/4 buck shot test

    well that was better penitraion
  6. S

    Glock Clone KIGER Anderson gets a 3ld trigger ghost kit install shot great 50 yards

    yeah that trigger is nice now
  7. S

    MAUSER 🐯 couger 30-06 hits plate 3 rd shot 130 HP speer check out muzzle flash

    that military powder sure fireballs out the muzzle sometimes lol
  8. S

    swiss 308 k11 sporter at 600 yard last shot 7th the best others low

    well i need to load 155 grs from now on and 140 gs
  9. S

    AR-!0 308 🐻 bear Creek verses Swiss k11 308 at 700 yards looks like tie last shot best😛

    well the bear creek sure shoots as good as my aero ar-10 swiss looking better going to try 140 gr and 155 from now on with military powder
  10. S

    SKS knocks down remote camera 1st shot Ar-10 308 blows a primer & 1 stuck case

    but the good nes is it was dead on hitting close to the plate and 1 hit by 1 of the rifles taken out of chamber last shot over sized brass reload
  11. S

    Saturday shoot around (6) pistols 1 Shotgun 1 shot each at dino 25 yards

    that S&w sd9ve did great again but the canik hit dino a smaller object
  12. S

    Taurus Spectrum using CCI Blazer & high standard single shot new front site 25 yards

    looks like the fix is in with the primer strikes
  13. S

    Howa 308 hits plate 1st shot at *700 Yards!* & 175 gr goes threw bullet🦖 proof

    wow dins got blasted at the 5th shot to lol
  14. S

    Howa 308 600yards steelcase & brass compared yards hits plate 3 shot dino got hit

    weres waldo dino at ?
  15. S

    New Eddiestone 30-06 Bright Camo Edition at 550 yards takesout target 1st shot

    well i frang it with a 178 amax
  16. B

    Other State  French Fries served cold, Mcdonald's employee shot

    Mama's french fries arrived cold-- after calling her sonny boy, he shows up & shoots McDonald's employee Seems like a stupid reason to wind up in jail but what do I know?
  17. J

    A long shot but - reloader 19 or 26

    In search of some reloader 19 or 26 thanks in advance …
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