1. W

    NRA Basic Pistol Sierra Vista Sept 19

    Offering a NRA Basic Pistol class September 19 in Sierra Vista. Meets Arizona and other state's training requirements for the a concealed pistol license. Application packets and fingerprints available at the class. Details on our website. Scan QR code for training calendar. Also offering...
  2. v0lcom13sn0w

    Arizona  Ban everything in Arizona

    copied from NWFA... https://legiscan.com/AZ/text/SB1625/id/2119093
  3. Jacob

    Looking for training course recommendations. Ccw, situational awareness, all and any.

    Looking to take a bunch of classes. I'm looking for good recommendations for CCW classes. Or any classes in general. Please include location, name, price and contact info. Thanks in advance! Located in Las Vegas, Nevada