1. M

    Double action semi -autos

    I am looking for a double action semi automatic to use in laser target shooting. Does as anyone know of a double action pistol besides a taurus G3? Thanks
  2. TomT


    This is a Pre-Ban Colt AR15 A2 HBAR (Heavy Barrel) Sporter in .223 cal. This historic rifle is all original and in excellent condition with less than 200 rounds through it. The model was originally developed for USMC as they wanted a rifle more accurate at longer ranges. Smooth slab, meaning...
  3. D

    20 gauge semi-auto for home defense

    What 20 gauge semi (preferably extended mag tube available) would be recommended for home defense? With 18" or 20" barrel? I guess even a pump would do, but especially interested in semi-auto so the wife can use it too. thx, Dun
  4. v0lcom13sn0w

    Arizona  Ban everything in Arizona

    copied from NWFA...
  5. PTzLegend

    Custom Built AR-15

    Custom built Ar-15 Anderson lower /18" Daytona tactical upper PSA full auto nickel boron bcg BCM forward grip/ keymod covers, picatinny add-ons Magpul iron sights MFT Minimalist stock Only 500 rounds through, never jammed Cleaned thoroughly after each use. Bag, 3 extra mags, and 2 point sling +$100
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