1. W

    NRA Basic Pistol Sierra Vista Sept 19

    Offering a NRA Basic Pistol class September 19 in Sierra Vista. Meets Arizona and other state's training requirements for the a concealed pistol license. Application packets and fingerprints available at the class. Details on our website. Scan QR code for training calendar. Also offering...
  2. Rstone

    NEW Custom AR 15 Pistol Build 5.56/.223 $700

    Aero Precision Lower - Flared Magwell Mil-Spec lower parts kit PSA 10.5" Barrelled Upper 9" M-Lok railed upper Nitride coated Bolt carrier+charging handle SB Tactical pistol brace Enlarged trigger pivot to enable glove use 1 (30 Rnd) magazine included - will not be shipped where prohibited...
  3. badbob85037

    Small Pistol Primers

    No I didn't find any. The horders had cleaned the shelf. I hoped they paid 4 times the price. Will they ever buy any when the price is low and the stock is up? No they wold rather pay triple the price and who knows what they do with them when they get home. I found a web page Primers And...
  4. R

    Ruger LCP Custom

    I'm selling a like new Ruger LCP Custom. I purchased this for my wife, but she's not interested in it. Less than 50 rounds through it. Excellent, like new condition. No issues with it whatsoever. Comes with original box, soft case, manual, etc. Includes 3 magazines and of course the gun...
  5. K

    Ar15 pistol for sale or trade

    Very clean ar15 pistol with upgraded barrel. 1/8 twist,10 1/2 inch, made from 4140 tool steel. Looking to trade for every day carry pistol. Willing to hear all trades.
  6. PFC Training

    Progressive Handgun Series

    June 1 - 5, PFC's Pioneer Annex Range Complex located on the NV side of Sandy Valley, NV Progressive Handgun 1 – 5 Series This five day “Package” includes Progressive Handgun 1 through Progressive Handgun 5, inclusive. Please refer to the individual course links below for detailed...
  7. PFC Training

    Fundamental Handgun Skills (FHS)

    May 23 - 10AM-3PM - PFC Pioneer Annex Range Complex located on the NV side of Sandy Valley, NV With the increase in Covid19 related gun purchases PFC will continue to conduct training classes in an effort to promote firearm education and safety. The Pioneer Annex Range Complex is a 76+ acre...
  8. G

    Polish Radom P64 Pistol - Great Condition

    Historic 1970 Polish P-64 pistol manufactured in the infamous Radom Plant, Semi-Auto, Comes with 1 mag, 9x18 Makarov ammo. Prevents picking enemy ammo up and reusing it. This is one of the best condition P-64's I've seen on the market, We have been seeing crates of these come along and soon they...
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