1. djthumper

    NRA TCDW in Buckeye, AZ March 24-28, 2020

    I am prepping to go down to Buckeye, AZ to attend the NRA Training Development Workshop at the end of March at the General Joe Foss Shooting Complex. I know there are still some slots available, if anyone is interested please let me know. If anyone lives down in that area that can point me to a...
  2. DB is Here

    National  It’s Not The NRA Stopping Gun Control, It’s America’s 100 Million Gun Owners
  3. dansicai

    2nd Amendment - Stand and Fight

    Help the NRA stand for our 2nd Amendment Rights! Download the official NRA app: NRA-ILA | Download the Official NRA-ILA App Today! My code: W7QQE
  4. Joe Link

    Anyone have NRA ArmsCare Plus firearm insurance?

    Shopping around for insurance for my firearm collection and it looks pretty good. Anyone have experience with them, or suggestions on who else I might look into? I'd rather not provide serial numbers.