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"Guns" is a non-fiction essay written by Stephen King on the issue of gun violence. He wrote it after the Sandy Hook Elementary School shooting, elaborating on why he let the novel Rage (1977) and The Bachman Books (1985), the omnibus in which Rage also appeared, go out of print. On January 25, 2013, the essay was published as a Kindle Single, and on February 11, 2013, "Guns" was released as an audiobook narrated by Christian Rummel. King's official website states: "All profits from 'Guns' will benefit the Brady Campaign to Prevent Gun Violence."

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  1. Belevolk

    Other State  Here is the list of 170 guns now banned in Illinois

    I tried looking for laws and legal and did not see it. Old eyes, sorry if this is in the wrong place. They have bolt action rifles as well as some .22LR...
  2. cabinguy

    Bank Street Guns, Kingman Az

    Band Street Guns has closed the indoor range. All I could get out of them was a code violation and needs upgrades. They also claim it was a money loser all the time. Not a great move in my opinion. There are other shops in the area, which will see my business.
  3. S

    Murdock Guns SCAM Site

    Was looking to buy a Ruger Hunter. Saw a "too good to be true" price $200 less than other sellers. Murdock Guns online from a boarded up building in Wallace Idaho. Total SCAM site, wont take credit cards, misspelled words. BEWARE !
  4. D

    Phoenix Area Dealers who sell guns on consignment?

    Can you folks recommend the best gun shops in the Phoenix area, who will sell your guns on consignment?
  5. D

    Best gun shop in Phoenix area to sell guns to?

    Can you folks recommend a few of the best gun shops, in the valley of the sun, to sell firearms to? or, to sell guns on consignment?
  6. badbob85037

    So He's Going to Take Our Guns

    In school we were taught the Bill of Rights was part of the Constitution. The same Constitution we swore to defend when we went into the military and these politicians swear to defend when taking office. One man has taken that same oath his whole life again and again over a 43 year of his...
  7. Andy54Hawken

    Hey look some old guns....

    So here are some old guns of mine....Thought some of y'all might be interested. Andy J.Henry Flintlock Trade Rifle .58 caliber circa 1800 - 1820's Full maple stock and a octagonal barrel. This rifle still gets shot and hunted with occasionally... In fact I got my last elk with it. A...
  8. Joe Link

    National  Majority of Americans Say Background Checks for Guns Are More Important Now Than Before Pandemic Began
  9. Joe Link

    National  Senate Democrats push for regulation of ‘ghost guns’
  10. Joe Link

    National  TikTok Is Full of Guns
  11. nvshooter

    Must keep those guns stores closed...

    We must keep those gun stores closed. Can't have civilians buying all those guns. Inmates must be released to reduce the chances of COVID-19 racing through the jails. What could possibly go wrong? This is absolutely...
  12. DB is Here

    Other State  Connecticut Gun Theft Victim Gets Rest Of His Guns Taken By Police
  13. DB is Here

    National  MSNBC’s Online Poll On Guns Didn’t Go How It Expected
  14. DB is Here

    National  CNN pundit rips Beto O'Rourke's vow to seize guns
  15. JonathanB

    Arizona  Robar Guns closing

    Did anyone else hear about Robar guns closing? i'm kinda disappointed they closed, i was about to visit and get some work done.
  16. dansicai

    2nd Amendment - Stand and Fight

    Help the NRA stand for our 2nd Amendment Rights! Download the official NRA app: NRA-ILA | Download the Official NRA-ILA App Today! My code: W7QQE
  17. Joe Link

    Guns, Gear, Accessories, Etc - What did you buy today?

    Guns, Gear, Accessories, Etc - Lets see what you bought today! (links preferred, for impulsive buyers like me)
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