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    FREE NRA Gun Safety Seminar

    Since the current pandemic began, there has been an increase in gun sales, ammunition sales...and emergency room admissions for firearm-related accidents. These accidents have been related to a lack of training. I plan to do something about that. For a limited time, I will offer the NRA Gun...
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    Free fat criminals

    The left wants to free 500,000 fat criminals to save them from Covid https://www.frontpagemag.com/fpm/2020/12/aoc-omar-and-squad-want-free-500000-fat-criminals-daniel-greenfield/
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    Feeling Free (kinda)

    Hello my name is Corey. Thank you for excepting and welcoming me to the group! I stumbled on to the group searching for BLM maps to run a few rounds through my 1911. I'm fairly new to Arizona, 2 years here now and working as an electrician. I come from the very BLUE city of Chicago and I've...
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    AZCDL Gun Free Zone Liability Bill, State of Arizona

    Gun Free Zone liability bill scheduled for senate debate This legislation will impose a civil liability on state & local gov't entities for persons harmed by criminal conduct in a gun free zone, when the person harmed could have been helped by being able to possess a gun Click the link to...
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    Other State  Sheriff Offers Free CCW Classes So Churches Can Shoot Back