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fr·ee is a global architecture and industrial design firm founded by Fernando Romero with offices in New York, Mexico City, Madrid and Shenzhen.
An active agent in the reconfiguration of site and public space, fr·ee’s commitment to translating historic, social, economic and environ- mental contexts into contemporary urban destinations has garnered critical attention and attracted millions of visitors, generating positive impact in cities and communities. Over the past 20 years, fr·ee has realized and proposed projects in a number of countries that en- compass different programs and contexts, from museums and office buildings to dense urban centers and the desert.

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  1. G

    257 weatherby mag ammo free

    Hi there I just found 10 rounds of 257 Weatherby Mag ammo in my tool box. Long explanation so long conversation on your dime. In other words you call me at 702 596 7680 and I explain so you get 10 rds for free only pay shipping. Chuck
  2. W

    FREE NRA Gun Safety Seminar

    Since the current pandemic began, there has been an increase in gun sales, ammunition sales...and emergency room admissions for firearm-related accidents. These accidents have been related to a lack of training. I plan to do something about that. For a limited time, I will offer the NRA Gun...
  3. B

    Free fat criminals

    The left wants to free 500,000 fat criminals to save them from Covid
  4. C

    Feeling Free (kinda)

    Hello my name is Corey. Thank you for excepting and welcoming me to the group! I stumbled on to the group searching for BLM maps to run a few rounds through my 1911. I'm fairly new to Arizona, 2 years here now and working as an electrician. I come from the very BLUE city of Chicago and I've...
  5. B

    AZCDL Gun Free Zone Liability Bill, State of Arizona

    Gun Free Zone liability bill scheduled for senate debate This legislation will impose a civil liability on state & local gov't entities for persons harmed by criminal conduct in a gun free zone, when the person harmed could have been helped by being able to possess a gun Click the link to...
  6. DB is Here

    Other State  Sheriff Offers Free CCW Classes So Churches Can Shoot Back
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