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The Structural Classification of Proteins (SCOP) database is a largely manual classification of protein structural domains based on similarities of their structures and amino acid sequences. A motivation for this classification is to determine the evolutionary relationship between proteins. Proteins with the same shapes but having little sequence or functional similarity are placed in different superfamilies, and are assumed to have only a very distant common ancestor. Proteins having the same shape and some similarity of sequence and/or function are placed in "families", and are assumed to have a closer common ancestor.
Similar to CATH and Pfam databases, SCOP provides a classification of individual structural domains of proteins, rather than a classification of the entire proteins which may include a significant number of different domains.
The SCOP database is freely accessible on the internet. SCOP was created in 1994 in the Centre for Protein Engineering and the Laboratory of Molecular Biology. It was maintained by Alexey G. Murzin and his colleagues in the Centre for Protein Engineering until its closure in 2010 and subsequently at the Laboratory of Molecular Biology in Cambridge, England.The work on SCOP 1.75 has been discontinued in 2014. Since then SCOPe team from UC Berkeley has been responsible for updating the database in a compatible manner, with a combination of automated and manual methods. As of April 2019, the latest release is SCOPe 2.07 (March 2018).The new Structural Classification of Proteins version 2 (SCOP2) database was released at the beginning of 2020. The new update featured an improved database schema, a new API and modernised web interface. This was the most significant update by the Cambridge group since SCOP 1.75 and builds on the advances in schema from the SCOP 2 prototype.

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    Ruger p95 & canik tpsfx & ruger sr40 Ak-47 zero in with scope at 70 yards hits plate

    well the ak-47 was really nailing it last shot nick the plate ...more
  2. S

    Ak-47 sighting in scope Wolf 124 gr FMJ completely separated from the core

    intesting about the bullet FMJ core coming off completely ...more
  3. S

    Eddie 30-06 WESTHUNTER scope with 178 Amax /175 match hits plate 450 yards

    were getting closer folks
  4. S

    Eddie 30-06 1917 sporter with New scope still not zero in 475 yards

    well back to adjusting
  5. S

    Ar-15 Alex pro should of used the REDOT 150 yards scope way to high for 500

    yeah that was ugly seems like i was to the right a few clicks to much also
  6. S

    Kiger 9mm anderson testing sites off to the left 55 yards mak-90 new scope mount

    well took awhile with the mak-90 looks like another 3 clicks to the left
  7. S

    CVLife scope 6x24x50 on sks yugo great grouping at 330 yards using wolf FMJ

    that cheap scope as good as the other one i have on my spanish mause 308 i really like these for shorter range 500 yards and below u can beat them up and not worry
  8. S

    SKS yugo sporter 500 yards dino loosen up my scope mount part 2 fix Loctite

    yeah dino a tricky character
  9. S

    Sks yugo sighting in Vlife 6x16 scope at 108 yards 2 pistols also

    ok took awhile to get the 40 calsited in
  10. S

    swiss k11 308 sporter 499 siteing in used scope i put on fr😡ustrating to see the hits💥

    well looks like i am close i say 2 to 3 clicks to the left should do it next time
  11. S

    SAVAGE stevens 22lr 954 hits bottle /can w redot out shoots 30-06 Mauser with scope

    now that was fun didn't know i was hitting the can and bottles do to the redot not magnified
  12. S

    AK saiga 308 out to 675/700 yards! red dot installed on top of scope also

    ok i screwed up adjusting scope those swiss reloads are under charged and low high variables you see so some of its ammo issue
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