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    Brand New Springfield 911 /w 5 Magazines .380

    We are a home-based dealer in San Tan Valley AZ so all ATF rules apply. Buyer must be at least 21 years old, have AZ ID (with current address) and pass a background check. This is a brand new Springfield 911 /w 5 magazines. CALIBER: .380 ACP RECOIL SYSTEM: Full Length Guide Rod w/ Flat...
  2. badbob85037

    Death by Stupidity

    Did anyone hear about the woman 3 weeks ago that was killed by a stray bullet in the southern White Tanks foot hills. I was out there that day with 2 of my grandsons.There were a lot of shooters out there. A group was shooting on the next hill over. The one thing we all had in common is a...
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