1. B

    Ammo manufacturer refuses to sell to Biden supporters

    Michigan based Fenix Ammunition says they won't sell to Biden supporters https://reason.com/2021/02/12/this-gun-shop-says-it-wont-do-business-with-biden-voters/?utm_medium=email
  2. Mrjenkins

    Reloaded ammo question.

    Okay so I'm not sure where this is supposed to get posted to I went with general discussion. My question is this... so my friend went to a gun show in phx. I told him keep an eye out for .38, .40, and .223... he found a couple boxes for .38 and brought them to me. Upon my inspection of the ammo...
  3. 0311 Brian

    Ammo, Brass wanted

    Looking for 40-65 complete rounds, 40-65 Brass & Lead. Mohave Valley area.
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