1. CaptJack

    In town for 10 days looking for ammo

    Hey everyone. Here in Phoenix for 11 days and would like to shoot with my family. Does anyone have any 12Ga 9mm or 38/357 for sale or can point me in the direction to a business who actually has ammo to sell? I came from Washington state I thought ammo was scarce there and prices were up, I had...
  2. N

    Another 50Cal. Question Is there a market for individual Rounds?

    Another 50Cal. Question, Is there a market for my 50cal. ammo to individual buyers in AZ. What can I expect to get per round?
  3. B

    Ammo manufacturer refuses to sell to Biden supporters

    Michigan based Fenix Ammunition says they won't sell to Biden supporters https://reason.com/2021/02/12/this-gun-shop-says-it-wont-do-business-with-biden-voters/?utm_medium=email