1. B

    Arizona  House votes to Red Flag military personal

    Contact the President & your senators...
  2. 1971Chevelle

    New Military Scope...

    I wonder if this will ever hit the civilian market. https://www.popularmechanics.com/military/weapons/a32758215/drone-scope-smash-2000-plus/
  3. nvshooter

    Why does the Criminal Left hate military firearms?

    I was asking myself a number of days ago, "Why do liberals so hate firearms of military heritage, especially the civilian AR-type rifle?" I came to the conclusion that it's because military wheppins are not attractive-- they are not "pretty" like was the hunting rifle of Nancy Foolosi's...
  4. F

    Experience with Curio and Relic license

    Recently I have been getting into into old military surplus rifles more and more, and have been considering getting and C&R license to make things easier. Anybody here have one? If so what was the process like? Are you glad you got it? Any kind of info or advice is appreciated.