1. dkolling48

    500 rounds pmc xtac lap 5.56 ammo and 4 pmags 3 30 rnd mags and 1 40 rnd mag all 250.00

    pmc xtac lap 5.56 500 rounds and 4 pmags 1 40 round mag 3 30 round mag all 250.00 928 522 3820
  2. 1

    Otis USGI 5.56 Cleaning Kit

    For Sale: A few new Otis Unissued USGI Cleaning Kits, 5.56, NSN: 1005-01-448-8513. Kits are $35.00 each shipped USPS. Two for $70.00 shipped, three for $105 shipped and so on. See pics. Please post "I'll Take" with how many and PM me with name/address and how you'll make payment. I'll reply...
  3. rocknwell

    Complete RCBS reloading setup 5.56/.223, .308, extras

    Hi everyone, I am selling all of my reloading stuff. I find that I simply don't have enough time to get into it. I have used this set to reload exactly 10 rounds of 5.56 and cleaned a couple hundred rounds of brass. I have over $1100 invested. I am asking $800 or best offer. I will not ship...
  4. SilencerGuy

    Silencer, Acadian Armament Predator LYNX 5.56

    Specifications Dimensions: 5.01” x 1.06"OD Weight: 7.3 Ounces Calibers: Up to 5.56mm NATO Material: 17-4 HH1150SS QPQ Rate of Fire: Full Auto* Lifetime Warranty 1474-D Sound Levels .22LR 112.3 dB .223/5.56mm 138.4 dB Test Details *.223/5.56 16" barrel length minimum Now you can put your small...
  5. azbrbas

    C MP 1/7 5.56 Upper 16"

    For sale is a 16" LE6920 Colt C MP 1/7 5.56 barreled upper. Upper is in like new condition and has seen less than 250 rounds of xm855. The date code is 06/09 and is C MP marked. Also has correct white paint dotby the barrel nut. Reciever is a Cerro Forge (Key Hole). Will come with the front...
  6. LVgundude

    5.56 Armscor 55grain FMJ ammo BALL, M193

    5.56 Armscor 55grain FMJ ammo BALL, M193, for AR-15 Rifles. NEW brass, not reloaded! Great ammo and im selling some of my excess supply in 500 round increments for $180.00 per 500 rounds. Need more than 500 rounds? Make me an offer! Email questions to Richard at: LVgundude@hotmail.com I'll...
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