1. B

    What is the Legal requirement to privately sell a gun in AZ?

    A buyer of a private sale gun, handgun or long gun must be 18 years of age No requirement to do a bill of sale, background check or even see a driver's license--the buyer is required to also not be a prohibited possessor but that...
  2. J

    Large lot of gun parts and accessories.

    I have a bunch of misc gun parts, triggers sights grips, 10/22 receiver (moa), 10/22 magnum stock and barrel, ak74 mags, 10/22 mags and a ton more would like to sell as a lot. I will be traveling to Phoenix from flagstaff today around 2pm so call or text 928-606-4629 Matthew
  3. W

    FREE NRA Gun Safety Seminar

    Since the current pandemic began, there has been an increase in gun sales, ammunition sales...and emergency room admissions for firearm-related accidents. These accidents have been related to a lack of training. I plan to do something about that. For a limited time, I will offer the NRA Gun...
  4. T

    New Gun Hobbyists

    New this year to purchasing and building 2A goodies. Went a little overboard, now wanting to downsize. Also looking for some shooting buddies in Prescott Valley area.
  5. G

    How to go about selling guns

    Looking for opinions on what is the best way/site/locations to sell guns. thanks in advance
  6. 11Charlie

    New man cave/ gun room!!

    Well we bought a house. Three car garage but the owner had part of the third garage cut off and built into a office. So the office and the 14' deep third garage is going to be my man cave slash gun room. Here is your chance guys!!! Post up some pictures and give me idea's of how to design my...
  7. 1971Chevelle

    Which Section For Gun Safe For Sale??

    Since I don't see a section that I would consider good to advertise a gun safe, which section would you use?? I will be listing a safe for a friend of mine on Saturday morning. Let me know. Thanks.
  8. DB is Here

    National  The NRA Might Be Weakened. Gun Rights Voters Are Not. " Even if the NRA is gone or tied down by litigation, about 43 percent of Americans will still live in gun-owning households. A fervent gun rights culture of hunters, collectors, open carriers, militia members and...
  9. DB is Here

    National  Support for Gun Control Plummets No surprise here...
  10. Joe Link

    Nevada  Gun sales surge, overwhelming NV’s background check system amid calls to ‘defund the police’
  11. Belevolk

    Special Use Permit to construct, operate, a new gun range in Redington Pass

    Tucson Rod and Gun Club (TRGC) for a Special Use Permit to construct a range in the Redington Pass on the Santa Catalina Ranger District. The application submitted by TRGC proposes a shooting range that would be built in phases and includes the following improvements: a shotgun range with a...
  12. Joe Link

    New Mexico  Thieves take 150 pistols, rifles from Albuquerque gun store
  13. Joe Link

    Utah  Utah gun advocate loses appeal to block bump stock ban
  14. DB is Here

    New Mexico  NM Gun Shop Facing $60K Fines For Remaining Open
  15. Belevolk


    Found this out wandering about this morning with a cup of coffee. There is a link to send the ATF a comment, needs to be done before 5 pm tomorrow. Maybe if there is enough outcry we can forestall this a while longer...
  16. SteveM

    Other State  Virus-Panicked Liberal Gun Buyers Are Getting Angry When They Discover Their Own Gun Control Laws

    News from Commiefornia I only wish I could have been there to see the looks on their faces when they found out they had been lied to by their liberal puke leaders
  17. DB is Here

    National  Schumer Targeted by Gun Confiscation Law After Threatening SCOTUS Justices :s0140:
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