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    22 ammo -remington and federal

    remington 500 rds. = $50.00 federal 325 rds. = $33.00 both are 40 gr. lead round nose 480-747-2397 - 51 st. ave. and cactus area
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    National  Native Activists Demand Federal Intervention in Alaska Hunting Regulations

    Native activists have requested the Department of the Interior close all non-native/subsistence hunting on federal land in northwest Alaska. It was only during the Trump Administration that the Alaska Department of Fish and Game was able to regain management of the state's wildlife resources...
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    National  Make Them Prove It!

    The left-wing media and the Leftist Federal Law Enforcement are constantly claiming that "Right Wing Extremists" and "White Supremacists" are the greatest threats to the US. I subscribe to US Department of Justice news releases (U.S. Department of Justice <usdoj@public.govdelivery.com>) and...