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    300 remington Ultra Mag. & Federal 30.06

    I have 120 rds (6 boxes) of Remington Ultra Mag 150 gr. ammo. Also have 40 rds (2 boxes) federal Power Shok 30.06 ammo Best cash offer or...... Will trade for ammo.... (9mm, .38/357, .40, .45 .44 mag, 5.56/.223)... Or I may trade for almost anything. Never hurts to ask...just be equal in...
  2. DB is Here

    Other State  Man Who Held Up Pawn Shop With Flare Gun Gets Federal Time

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    Federal CCW Reciprocity

    Has anyone called their federal congressmen and senators about the Concealed Carry Weapons RECIPROCITY law? Senators Flake and McCain both say they are in favor of it. How about your Senators?
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