FREE NRA Gun Safety Seminar

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Since the current pandemic began, there has been an increase in gun sales, ammunition sales...and emergency room admissions for firearm-related accidents. These accidents have been related to a lack of training. I plan to do something about that.

For a limited time, I will offer the NRA Gun Safety Seminar for the ridiculously low price of FREE. To comply with government regulations and reach as many people as possible, this seminar will be offered by video conferencing. In-person courses will be offered if there is sufficient demand. This non-shooting course covers the following topic areas:
  • Firearm Safety and Storage
  • Firearm Types, Actions, and Parts
  • Safe Range Procedures
  • Firearm Cleaning and Maintenance

Advance registration is required, and read-ahead material will be sent. Email me at wetrain4u(at), or call (520) 261-0490 for details/registration.
Check our website for other training opportunities, including on-demand HR 218/LEOSA qualification.

Sponsorship opportunities will be available. Email or call for details.
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