Death by Stupidity

Discussion in 'Education & Training' started by badbob85037, Feb 12, 2018.

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    Did anyone hear about the woman 3 weeks ago that was killed by a stray bullet in the southern White Tanks foot hills. I was out there that day with 2 of my grandsons.There were a lot of shooters out there. A group was shooting on the next hill over. The one thing we all had in common is a backstop and the ability to see safely the complete travel of our rounds. There was only one group I saw that put the safety of all second to their shooting. It was a large group I could see between a half and quarter mile away shooting towards the west. Their back stop were a few trees in a wash a couple thousand feet on down the flat surface west.

    I told both my boys we would drive 30 miles more next time because of safety concerns. This was my first time in 8 years to that area. The way this governor is posting no shooting signs it's getting hard to shoot safely without driving 70 miles.

    What angered me was this large group were law enforcement and the way the emergency lights on their cars flashed most of the day some must of been on duty. I finally told my boys to start picking it up before someone gets killed. As we left the dirt road was blocked by a local cop. I stopped but he waved me through. It wasn't till the next day I heard of the woman being killed. What is so hard about using a little sense when shooting? The safety rules for shooting are in a way where to shoot someone by accident you can't just break one rule but it takes breaking 2 or three. It's one of those questions that can't be answered like why would anyone vote for a treasonous criminal with a 40 year criminal past leaving a string of dead bodies behind her.
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    Man, that's terrible. I can't imagine being in the area when something like that happened. We all need to do whatever we can to instill in our fellow shooters that safety must be number one. When I was a child and my grandfather took me shooting one mistake meant no more shooting that day.
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    Does anyone know if they found who it was? I would think this would fall under, "Shannon's Law", if they found the person. That comes with some stiff jail time. 10 years mandatory I believe. That's in addition to any other charges.
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    My prayers are with the family of the women killed. I hate to see where the sport l have enjoyed for fifty years has gone. No respect for the safety of others or the property rights of land owners. As a group we need to educate the next generation.

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