Extended precision refers to floating-point number formats that provide greater precision than the basic floating-point formats. Extended precision formats support a basic format by minimizing roundoff and overflow errors in intermediate values of expressions on the base format. In contrast to extended precision, arbitrary-precision arithmetic refers to implementations of much larger numeric types (with a storage count that usually is not a power of two) using special software (or, rarely, hardware).

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  1. S

    AERO Precision Ar-10 308 700 yards Hits bullet proof filter dead center 🦖 head

    wow the steel case is as good as brass?
  2. Nowhereman

    This is how we make precision barrels. Prescott AZ. Single point cut rifling. 4140CM.

    Thought I might take a minute to share my process of making precision rifle barrels here in Prescott AZ. We use single point cut method. Enjoy. Feel free to ask questions. 1. Cut 4140CM blank to length plus 1". 2. drill the solid blank with gundrill that feeds cutting oil down the quill of the...
  3. Goodchad

    Just Starting in Precision Rifle

    Hey Everyone, Just got into the long game. I was able to pick up a Bergara HMR Pro in 6.5 CM and I just finished a four day class and on first day out shooting was able to work my way out to 700 for a hit. Pretty happy with that, but that was on the fourth shot. First question, I am using...
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