1. F

    Aero precision AR10 in 308

    ar10 build in 308 aero precision stripped lower aero precision complete upper aero precision lower parts kits aero precision buffer kit magpul miad pistol grip radian raptor charging handle magpul prs stock magpul front and rear sight asr muzzle brake ballistic advantage stainless...
  2. J

    Aero x15 north Las Vegas

    North Las Vegas Psa upper Psa parts kit Aero x15 lower Magpul grip Magpul moe stock Magpul fore grip Carry handle sight also included Trs 25 red dot with batteries Pro mag (loaded) and gi mag Light not included $750 obo Open to trades
  3. F

    Aero precision upper in 6.5 grendal, mags, and ammo

    Im selling my ar15 upper in 6.5 grendel. Its an aero precision complete upper in fde with an fde 15" handguard, stainless 18" barrel, tool craft nitride bolt carrier group, radian arms charging handle in fde, vg6 muzzle brake, magpul front and rear sight in black, 4 midway usa 25 round mags and...
  4. wifininja021

    Aero Precison Lowers Stripped and Complete

    I just wanted to share with you guys a deal I saw from under weekend deals. A complete lower (Aero) is $109.99. Stripped lowers (Aero) are $44.99 with a DPMS parts kit it's $74.99. I have 4 stripped lowers so I need parts kits. I wish I could just get the parts kits for $30...
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