A kit car is an automobile available as a set of parts that a manufacturer sells and the buyer then assembles into a functioning car. Usually, many of the major mechanical systems such as the engine and transmission are sourced from donor vehicles or purchased new from other vendors. Kits vary in completeness, consisting of as little as a book of plans, or as much as a complete set with all components to assemble into a fully operational vehicle such as those from Caterham.

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  1. Joe Link

    Finally got my first suppressor - a LaRue TranQuilo to match my LaRue UU kit rifle!

    It took just over a year from when I submitted the paperwork. I knew this thing would be heavy going in and sure enough, this thing is built like a tank! Discounted from $699 to $399 with the purchase of a 308 ultimate upper kit, I couldn't pass it up. I (obviously) don't have any experience...
  2. Capn Jack

    Gun Kit Problem Resolved.

    I sent Greg at Greene's Hawkin Shop in Oak Harbor, a copy of the letter I received and he said he's never heard of such BS before.:mad: He said to bring in the lock and he would replace or repair the sear for me. :)
  3. Capn Jack

    Thinking of building a Kit Gun ???

    Gentlemen, Enclosed are pictures of the lock that I received in my Trapper Pistol Kit. While dry fitting the lock and trigger I noticed that the, "Tripper" for the trigger had a funny twist to it. When I installed the triggers I found, there was no way that they would engage the tripper to drop...
  4. Tkay

    Taurus PT99.22 Conversion kit

    I was in the market for a new .22 auto because the 9mms are getting expensive to shoot 3 or 4 times a week. I tried the Ruger SR22 and wasn't a fan; light primer strikes every magazine (it was a range rental, so rather dirty, but still . . .) and just felt too small in my hands. I wanted...
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