1. D

    Savage Arms FCP-SR .308 Win

    Savage Arms Series 10 FCP-SR .308 Win Rifle for sale. Rifle will include: -10 round magazine -Caldwell bipod -sling -Primary Arms ACSS HUD DMR 4-14x44 Scope -Scope cover -Rifle bag Price for rifle package is $800 I also have .308/7.62x51 ammo for sale. 304 rounds...
  2. W

    .243 or .308 for deer & reloading ?

    I have sold my .22 lr rifle and am looking at gettin either a .243 or .308 winchester rifle for hunting ... primarily for deer ... but I also want to do some reloading .. and am wondering if I should go with a .308 winchester caliber or a .243 caliber rifle ? Either caliber should work okay...
  3. R

    PRS Build - Ruger Precision Rifle .308 and Sig Tango4

    Ruger Precision Rifle chambered in .308 for sale. Includes a Sig Sauer Tango4 6-24x50mm scope on a Leupold Integral Mount. Also includes two 10rd PMAGs. Less than 100 rounds through the gun, can share the DOPE that shows the date and number of rounds if the purchaser would like to see...
  4. Jarhead_0311

    .308 and 45ACP for sale

    147gr .308/7.62X51 $.85 ea. Factory new in blister packs ,45ACP 230gr lead RN $.45ea Factory reloads in boxes will trade for .223, 300BO and 38super or make offer
  5. D

    WTS - Remington 700 VLS with Leatherwood M1000 Hi-Lux Optic

    Selling a Remington 700 VLS with Leatherwood M1000 Hi-Lux Optic. Rifle has bull barrel and shoots fantastic. Ill include 50+ round of .308 with the rifle. Rifle and optic are a great combo and shoot flawlessly. Asking $1375 OBO. Also open to offers!
  6. T

    WTS: Ruger Gunsight Scout .308 left hand with Leupold, package deal

    Ruger Gunsight Scout Hawkeye model 06814 in Left Hand. This rifle is a safe queen and is in MINT condition with a pristine bore! Only 60 rounds fired. It has top of the line components included in the package deal. The Scout rifle is a concept developed by Col. Jeff Cooper of Gunsight institute...
  7. Shooterdog54

    Authentic Heckler & Koch HK91 Semi-Auto .308

    German made HK91 in great condition. It has the solid stock, oem bipod, sling, and comes with a bunch of magazines (both steel and aluminum). No trades.
  8. rocknwell

    Complete RCBS reloading setup 5.56/.223, .308, extras

    Hi everyone, I am selling all of my reloading stuff. I find that I simply don't have enough time to get into it. I have used this set to reload exactly 10 rounds of 5.56 and cleaned a couple hundred rounds of brass. I have over $1100 invested. I am asking $800 or best offer. I will not ship...
  9. R

    7.62x51mm .308 ammo for sale 100+ rounds Winchester 147 grain

    I have 109 rounds of Winchester 147 grain 7.62x51mm (.308) ammo in the boxes for sale in North Phoenix for $75.
  10. 2AzShooters

    .308 Norma Mag Brass or Ammo Wanted

    One of my customers has found himself in possession of an oldie but goodie. Now looking for ammo or brass to make it go bang. Anyone have any or know someone who might? Appreciate the help.
  11. badbob85037

    Bad Die?

    Started reloading for the .308 Winchester a month ago. i have reloaded about 30 years so I know most of the tricks. I picked up 500 rounds of once fired brass from TCCI here in Phoenix. in case anyone living in the area wants to know this has been where to buy your reloading supplies without...
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