1. 1971Chevelle

    Harrington & Richardson SB-2 .280 Remington Rifle W/ Scope

    If this ad is still up, then the rifle is still available. If you email me asking me if it is still available, I will just delete your email. Just tell me in your message that you would like to see the rifle, and when you are available One Harrington & Richardson SB-2 .280 Remington rifle...
  2. S

    Springfield M1a Bullpup

    Springfield M1a in a Juggernaught bullpup chassis. Attached is a 3.5-10x Barsaka SWAT model scope. Has a USCG muzzle brake. Comes with 3 10rd mags.
  3. Joe Link

    Finally got my first suppressor - a LaRue TranQuilo to match my LaRue UU kit rifle!

    It took just over a year from when I submitted the paperwork. I knew this thing would be heavy going in and sure enough, this thing is built like a tank! Discounted from $699 to $399 with the purchase of a 308 ultimate upper kit, I couldn't pass it up. I (obviously) don't have any experience...
  4. 1971Chevelle

    Remington Fieldmaster 121 Pump Action Rifle - .22

    If this ad is still up, then the item is still available. If you ask me if it is still available, I will just delete your email. If you want to see it, tell me so, then ask me when you can see it. Simple. One Remington Fieldmaster 121 pump action rifle .22. This rifle is in pretty good...
  5. ripoffwarning

    Dealer Stole Payment & Rifle

    I recently purchased a hard to find Hungarian AK-47 on a Kalashnikov receiver finished beautifully with laminated furniture from Matt Chojecki of Uprising Firearms LLC of Paulden Arizona. After making payment in full (PLUS shipping) all my messages, phone calls and emails were then unanswered by...
  6. G

    300 Blackout bolt action rifle wanted , remington or ruger

    Wanted , 300 Blackout bolt action rifle , remington or ruger . Preferred May trade AR upper towards . In the 4 corners area
  7. nvshooter

    Would you fire this rifle?

    On another board, I read that at least two members wrote that the metric thread on a Tikka receiver can have a 1.000-16UNF (or 1.0625-16UNF) thread on an American-made barrel threaded into it and torqued into place. Rather than getting into an argument over there, I'll ask here "How can two...
  8. N

    Ruger Impact Max .22 Air Rifle

    In good shape. 22 caliber break barrel. Only shot about 100 times. I bought it brand new. Comes with a tin with about 100 pellets and original scope that came with it new. Asking $100
  9. 1971Chevelle

    Need Help With Rifle Identification...

    Nothing irks me more than manufacturers (of any kind of product) who don't put model numbers on their items. I need assistance to positively identify a rifle. I thought is was just a .300 Weatherby Magnum, but it is marked Winchester (it is chambered in .300 Weatherby Magnum). Please look at...
  10. DB is Here

    National  Fed Claim Store That Sold Rifle To Sutherland Spring Shooter Did It Illegally

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