1. 11Charlie

    ATF Raids 80% lower plant

    https://www.ammoland.com/2020/12/atf-raids-polymer80s-office-claiming-company-is-illegally-selling-guns/ I'll be honest and say it doesn't shock me. I'd love to see a company stand there ground and have a armed militia lying in wait. This bubblegum needs to stop!!!!
  2. W

    Want to buy an AR Lower Receiver or Upper/Lower Pair

    Good morning, Looking for a stripped lower or maybe a upper and lower combo. Open to all even Raw. Have cash or optics or high end ar parts to trade. Will also consider 80% lowers or kits. Within an hour of Tuscon is preferred unless you don't mind shipping.:s0158:
  3. G

    Anderson complete lower

    Reply with a number. NEW Complete Anderson lower. Anderson LPK with stainless steel trigger. Magpul trigger guard. Trinity Force Cobra stock. $170 firm. No trades Must be able to pick up in Chandler. Must be legal to own a firearm in AZ and show AZ ID.
  4. wifininja021

    Aero Precison Lowers Stripped and Complete

    I just wanted to share with you guys a deal I saw from surplusammo.com under weekend deals. A complete lower (Aero) is $109.99. Stripped lowers (Aero) are $44.99 with a DPMS parts kit it's $74.99. I have 4 stripped lowers so I need parts kits. I wish I could just get the parts kits for $30...
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