Eldbjørg Løwer (born 14 July 1943) is a Norwegian politician for the Liberal Party.

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  1. nvshooter

    Lower Parts Kit with Auto-sear Included

    Got an email from Delta Team Tactical offering for sale a lower parts kit that includes the auto-sear and the pin for same. It's right there in the picture. The email indicates all parts are GI, mil-spec and whatever else hi-protein stuff is required. I'm not too far up the IQ Scale and don't...
  2. 11Charlie

    ATF Raids 80% lower plant

    https://www.ammoland.com/2020/12/atf-raids-polymer80s-office-claiming-company-is-illegally-selling-guns/ I'll be honest and say it doesn't shock me. I'd love to see a company stand there ground and have a armed militia lying in wait. This bubblegum needs to stop!!!!
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