1. A

    Arizona  New House Bills.....Write your Reps!!

    So here are a couple of 2nd Amendment related bills I would strongly encourage you all to read up on and write your representatives about. I have included some links so you can find your representative as well as direct links to each bill and the main "introduced bills page" in Arizona. Find...
  2. SteveM

    Other State  Virus-Panicked Liberal Gun Buyers Are Getting Angry When They Discover Their Own Gun Control Laws

    News from Commiefornia I only wish I could have been there to see the looks on their faces when they found out they had been lied to by their liberal puke leaders
  3. DB is Here

    Nevada  County Sheriff in Nevada regarding Red Flag laws
  4. DB is Here

    National  Modest Rise in Support for Stricter Gun Control Laws
  5. dansicai

    2nd Amendment - Stand and Fight

    Help the NRA stand for our 2nd Amendment Rights! Download the official NRA app: NRA-ILA | Download the Official NRA-ILA App Today! My code: W7QQE
  6. D

    Arizona  Selling to out of state residents

    Is it legal in Az. to sell to hand gun to a Ca. resident? I've inherited a gun and the buyer wants to come to Az. to get it. The police haven't been able to answer my question.
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