Hey all,

I moved to Durango in February. I got real quietfor a while about guns since I got a denial on a P365XL I had transferred here a few months after I moved, and had never had an issue in AZ buying anything that needed a 4473, but it worked itself out, it was a computer error something, and felt good to go pick it up and put my new 507K x2 on it. I've been working a lot too, and just learning a new town, and it's about time I start doing stuff I like again.

I guess here's my questions. I used to know which ranges I liked to go to in AZ, where I could go shooting on public land, I like pistol shooting but have rifles that can shoot out to 800-1000 yards fairly accurately so I was curious about ranges, and places to shoot in the Durango area. I'm up closer to Hermosa than the town itself.

I'm 34, I've found it nearly impossible to make any friends in this town in the 4 some months I've been here, and I'd been visiting my family here for years, so it is just weird to me. I figure I need to find the communities of people who do stuff that I like doing. So I was curious about any shooting sports communities in Durango, or the La Plata or surrounding counties. I'm going to apply for my CCW here soon, and one thing I never did in AZ, but I would love to learn to hunt here, and I didn't know if there were clubs, or how to start getting involved in the community. Part of why I came here was to be more self reliant, grow more of my own food, and learn to hunt my own meat, and I love fishing so there's another thing.

I figure I'll just stick to firearm stuff though, thanks in advance for anyone who knows this part of the state and has advice for anything about where to go shooting at, clubs, how does someone who wants to becoming a hunter learn the skills properly? I don't know any rules and etiquette and I feel like some classes or finding people to bond with over it. I didn't buy 5 round mags for my AK and AR10 for nothing!

Thanks, look forward from hearing from any locals in the area.

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