1. philtbn

    55gr .223 Reman ammunition for sale.

    1400 rds 55gr .223 ammunition from a local store closure sale. Checked for gauge accuracy and overall length, packaged in 50 rd bags. First come, first served. 40.00 per bag, including local sales taxes. Phil @MP Veteran Custom Firearms and Ammunition in Prescott Valley AZ...
  2. Donman

    New RedRock Summit Tactical-biking-hiking-shooting backpack for sale!

    New RedRock Summit Tactical-biking-hiking-shooting backpack for sale! Manufacturer: Red Rock Outdoor Gear Capacity: 16 Liter compact tactical backpack Hydration compatible sleeve with port holes for routing hydrator hose Fully adjustable contoured backpack straps with quick release sternum...
  3. F

    Looking for 348 caliber ammo for sale for a Winchester model 71 rifle

    Looking for 348 caliber ammo for sale for a Winchester model 71 rifle
  4. SubRosa

    7.62N for sale in the Phoenix metro

    .308 Win, 147gr FMJBT by PMC. I have 1000 in stock. $80/100rds delivered in the metro cash only. Will price match any local retailer proven to sell cheaper. PM please if interested. SubRosa
  5. Ledfarmer

    Vepr 12 for sale

    Fixed stock Vepr 12. Comes with with 2 mags. $1300.00
  6. 1971Chevelle

    Which Section For Gun Safe For Sale??

    Since I don't see a section that I would consider good to advertise a gun safe, which section would you use?? I will be listing a safe for a friend of mine on Saturday morning. Let me know. Thanks.
  7. B

    For sale Sig P238 plus extras

    Looking to sell my Sig Sauer P238. Fires flawlessly. Comes with hogue grips as well as original aluminum grips. Also included 2- 6rd mags and 1- 7rd extended mag. All original case and paperwork. Also including all my ammo about 100rds 30 of which are Hornaday critical defense. Must be AZ...
  8. A

    BULLETS for sale Phoenix AZ

    These bullets are from an estate sale. I'm selling these for the widow. The prices are for 500, and will be shipped if needed USPS priority mail. These are located in Phoenix AZ MANUFACTURE EXTREME EXTREME EXTREME BERRY BERRY BULLET DIA 0.729" 0.452" 0.410" 0.357" 0.401" WEIGHT GR. 220...
  9. Jarhead_0311

    .308 and 45ACP for sale

    147gr .308/7.62X51 $.85 ea. Factory new in blister packs ,45ACP 230gr lead RN $.45ea Factory reloads in boxes will trade for .223, 300BO and 38super or make offer
  10. JonathanB

    Bcm upper for sale

    Selling a bcm upper. Bcm light weight 14.5 inch barrel with permanent pinned vg6 epsilon break to make it 16inches legal length. Bcm 10.5inch mlok rail Bcm gas tube & block bcm charging handle no bcg
  11. Donman

    RCBS Reloading Dies for sale!

    RCBS Reloading Dies for sale! 1. RCBS .25-06 Die Set: $20.00 2. RCBS .30-.30 Die Set: SOLD!! If interested please text me at: 916-419-5274 Located in Peoria, AZ
  12. O

    For Sale FN fal 308 and 2 Mags

  13. B

    Dillon RL 550 B for sale

    I have a Dillon RL550B up for sale 425 for the press. the powder measure is missing. for 550 it will come with a rcbs powder check, a set of dillon new dynamic 9MM dies and caliber conversion kits for 9MM and .45 acp if your interested i can be reached at (760) 780-7083
  14. C

    Lever action Marlin/ Glenfield 35 Rem. for sale

    I have a nice Marlin/ Glenfield mod. 30 in 35 Rem. cal. it has a Weaver K2.5 scope and a tip over scope mount. The 35 Rem. cal. is not common and is highly sought after. It is available in Las Vegas for $450.00 email me at
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