1. B

    What is the Legal requirement to privately sell a gun in AZ?

    A buyer of a private sale gun, handgun or long gun must be 18 years of age https://www.gunstocarry.com/gun-laws-state/arizona-gun-laws/ No requirement to do a bill of sale, background check or even see a driver's license--the buyer is required to also not be a prohibited possessor but that...
  2. B

    Arizona  Information on Bill of Sale - Arizona

    Hi, For those of you that have conducted a private firearm sale in Arizona, what information do you usually include on a bill of sale? I've seen some examples, and I'm thinking. 1. Seller Name / Address 2. Buyer Name / Address (Possibly Driver license number)? 3. Gun brand and model 4. Gun...
  3. C

    Benjamin Air rifle for sale

    I have a Benjamin Legacy model B1K77 air rifle cal.177 with a Crossman 4X32 scope for sale. Comes with a tin of ammo For sale only in Las Vegas Call me if interested JOHN 702-822-2355
  4. RS_USMC

    New here, looking to sale ammunition

    Disabled US Marine just looking to sale or trade ammunition that I don’t need anymore. I have 40S&W, 20G, 30.06, 9mm makarov, 357magnum, and 308win mag.
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