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Long-range dependence (LRD), also called long memory or long-range persistence, is a phenomenon that may arise in the analysis of spatial or time series data. It relates to the rate of decay of statistical dependence of two points with increasing time interval or spatial distance between the points. A phenomenon is usually considered to have long-range dependence if the dependence decays more slowly than an exponential decay, typically a power-like decay. LRD is often related to self-similar processes or fields. LRD has been used in various fields such as internet traffic modelling, econometrics, hydrology, linguistics and the earth sciences. Different mathematical definitions of LRD are used for different contexts and purposes.

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  1. S

    Saturday wild shoot around 3 pistols at long Range of 160 yards and hi standard

    well that wasnt good at all LOL but the weather was Great
  2. Long range custom 308 - Remington action

    Long range custom 308 - Remington action

  3. AMproducts

    Long Range Rifle Competitions in Socal

    I posted about this a few years ago. On and off, I've kinda been doing my own thing, but doing it all by myself with a few friends is a lot of work, but I would really like to spread the load and have bigger groups to shoot with, just so we can do more stuff. One of the events we do is "rifle...
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