Do you use reloads in your carry handgun ?

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    Google the Harold Fish case. One of the things the prosecution used against him is that he used a 10mm. It also depends on the jurisdiction. If you're in a right to die, be a victim and pay taxes (i.e. CA, MA, NJ or NY) expect caliber and factory ammo to come into the merits of the case. You're in CA, I wouldn't be the farm on your statement.
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    Harold Fish was exonerated and laws were passed afterwards to prevent what had happened to him. There was a question of doubt when one of the wounds was a round pass through a hand as if there was a please, do not shoot question of doubt about it being self defense at all.

    Harold Fish - National Registry of Exonerations

    They used the 10mm as a stretch to try and prove that he was out to harm someone based on conjecture and scare monger tactics. Had I been on the stand, I could easily produce facts where for the great outdoors, that even states with harsh hunting regulations all can agree that 10mm is the humane cartridge for hunting and that handguns in general stink at stopping dead right there threats. I personally know sworn officers who will not go off the grid to camp, hunt, or enjoy mother nature in a side by side 4x4 without a G20 or something in .45 Super if they're a .45 guy, then when back on the grid going back to a G17, G19, G26, or a G43 for off duty.

    The 10mm's fantastic ability to penetrate even through lots of layers and bone is amazing. It's guaranteed to expand and even fragment adding more damage and increasing the all important task of hitting the CNS and ending things quickly. The DA spun his story and the defense wasn't prepared to deal with that scenario of a prosecutor going in that direction.

    As for the whole argument of using reloads versus factory, I have not seen one cited source even from the guys that the parrots parrot about, in regards to this. And knowing some of my friends that do forensics for a living in real life unlike the internet forensic cheetoh eating experts, there is no way to prove that anyone used a roll your own. Now maybe if the brass was once fired, maybe if the person behind the scope is on the know in what to look for. But from virgin stock, lol, nope. Loading an XTP from Hornady using Hornady brass and Winchester primers that Hornady buys by the trainload, no one even trained will be able to tell. Sorry boys, but that's the facts and your feelings cannot change things no matter how hard some will try.

    One last thing here. Get a gun guy for a lawyer and retain them. Someone who knows how to deal with both the laws of self defense, balistics and why a gun and caliber was used, and can defeat rogue anti gun crusaders looking at any angle for their agenda and can make the ATF blink more than once; I know a guy who had a judge throw three different "experts" from the ATF out after grilling them and asking why the ATF had people who were supposed to be experts that didn't even know their own laws as to what makes an SBR and then dismissed the case because it was starting to look like a kangaroo prosecution.
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