Do you use reloads in your carry handgun ?

Depending on which gun I used, there are 500 to 1000 extras in storage at my home that I used the same load. But before the lawyers and CSI's even get to investigate, it would have to have been determined that I had done something wrong. No crime, no investigation. DR
You better believe there is going to be an investigation. Plan on surrendering your weapon and hope you can get it back ( with ID numbers etched on the frame ) in about a year if you are lucky.
I involved in a shooting, your firearm will be impounded as evidence. The gun will be kept in evidence until the case is adjudicated and appeals are exhausted. In short, it's going to be a while.

Expect to be detained (handcuffed) and questioned. I tell people involved in a defensive shooting to do the following:

1. Clearly state they are the victim (he tried to kill me, he attacked me with a knife).

2. Point out any witnesses (people like to witness but they don't like to be a witness).

3. Point out evidence (he cut my shirt, he shot at me there are bullet holes/casings).

4. Respectfully remain silent after saying something like this, "Officer I know you have questions and I want to fully cooperate with you. I will give you a full statement and answer all questions once I have had a chance to speak with my attorney.
With all the real issues pending today, (to me) this one seems ridicules.
It is my opine for everyone to find a cave some where and shun all contact with the outside world. I do not see how anyone can live in peace with such fear. I've read hundreds of rationales against hand loads in many different forums. Its your call to believe the sky is falling, why look for trouble, hedge your bet, but If the fear of using a hand load in a personal protection device can command such oratory passion against it as shown here, then it follows there are many other things, also legal, impeding your right to the pursuit of life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness.
That can not be healthy. My Mon would have used the term worrywort for one with unnatural propensity for worrying. .
There are no laws to my knowledge against hand loads. (at least in my state)

I do the best I can to follow the laws of God and country. (in that order) If that's not good enough, then so be it.

There are many things I cannot control, but I am not, and will not, be intimidated by peers or politics. Especially when I have broken no laws.
In the highly unlikely event I find my self in prison solely on the basis I used a hand load in my defense, then I'll be there knowing my imprisonment was unjustified and that the hand load issue alone would not have changed the outcome of my trial.
I am a personal witness to the dastardly and unscrupulous hell that can be rained on an innocent victim (my brother in law) by a prosecuting attorney when they are out to make a name for themselves. If they got your number, the bullet you used won't make a difference.
In the mean time life goes on, I've carried for over fifty years uneventfully, likely (hopefully) will expire that way too. I have more important things to fret over like whether I want barbecue ribeye or prawns tonight. (Maybe both, I've eaten more than my share of greens this week.)
I will use what ever is in my weapon if threatened by someone or something. However, as a rule I try to carry prescribed police ammunition whenever possible for self defense. I do reload and when traveling to or from the range, reloads are in my weapon. Having said that, if I am accosted going to or from the range, I will use what is available. If a snappy lawyer or a liberal judge finds against me for that, at least I am alive to be tried. My attacker will not be testifying.


In the highly unlikely event I find my self in prison solely on the basis I used a hand load in my defense, then I'll be there knowing my imprisonment was unjustified and that the hand load issue alone would not have changed the outcome of my trial.
While I agree with the object of the thought, not giving ammo to the oxygen thieves who would make a deal out of it was well worth the money spent on complying with the requirement. Sort of like carrying a fire extinguisher in the truck. While the penalty for the first unsanctioned target is the same as for the 1000th no reason to go for triple digits until you have too.
Just stop presuming from colloquial tales that lift little snips from ancient cases. Read what Mas Ayoub has said and written for years. No successful prosecution ever for reloaded ammunition... Stop believing the "lore" start looking at outcomes, not what some lawyer tried to jam a jury with. If you live in California... Move the Hell out of the state... or don't carry a gun... the deck is stacked against you no matter what you load in it. In fact it will be stacked against you if you pick up a book off the nightstand and break the guy's jaw.
I asked one of my local LEO's what their department issues for ammo and he said," What ever is cheapest." :eek:
My old department had the same philosophy about ammo but did tend to stick with the major ammunition manufacturers, so we at least had the confidence that the ammo was of a quality that was repeatable. For us .45ACP shooters we were relegated to carrying 230 grain FMJ rounds while the 9mm and .357 magnum crowd could carry some version of a HP round. Go figure.
Still, in the (unfortunate) instances where there were Deputy involved shootings, whichever round/platform was used, the ammo did the trick. Sometimes to the final disposition of the intended party and others with some truly nasty wounds to brag about (?) to their new cellmate.
All in all, knowing the ammo we carried was provided by from a company that won the "Low Bid" did NOT inspire confidence at all.
I worked for the State of Arizona for a decade. The purchasing rules were almost intolerable. There was a time when we could not buy copper wire unless it was mined in Arizona, which was ridiculous added 30% to the order. We had to pay sales tax as well, which was a shell game cause it just came back to us every quarter when down town made payments. I once had a job where the only company that could pcrareform the work was the highest bidder. I got raked over the coals for that decision. There was no one that could finish under the time frame but still the purse holders at the capital wanted to use the low bidder. I threw up my hands and mentioned the project was for the athletic department and all was better then. I understand being frugal with public money. Makes a lot of sense but there are times when safety and preformance makes the low bidder less attractive. The cables we purchased for the electrcal distribution were and still are some of the most expensive of the type. Never had a cable fail, had some connections fail but that was due to the mechanic doing them. I never had a splice or termination fail, ever.

Any one want to go to space in a used space craft?


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