1. RedX Gear

    Need guns? We got 'em!

    Check us out at www.redxarmory.com. We are RedX Armory. For the folks in Arizona, we are located in Prescott Valley. Our physical store is currently open by appointment only. Call 928.237.5034 to schedule an appointment or you can shop online. For everyone else, we will gladly ship orders to...
  2. Buck25

    Researching information on Haenel Air Pistols:

    The last couple of years I have been researching serial numbers on Haenel pistols (Models 26, Air Pistol, 28, 28R, Super, and variations). I would be interested in hearing about the serial numbers of any of these pistols you might have along with the caliber and/or any accessories. The serial...
  3. Joe Link

    New Mexico  Thieves take 150 pistols, rifles from Albuquerque gun store

  4. V

    Glock 19 Gen 4 MOS Model

    Lightly used, less than 500 rounds fired. Modular Optic System allows you to easily mount optics without the need for costly custom machining Includes GLOCK case, Lock, three magazines, Interchangeable backstraps, and four plate options to comply with specs of most optics AMMUNITION NOT INCLUDED
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