The 20-gauge shotgun, also known as "20 bore", is a type of smooth-bore shotgun that fires a shell that is smaller in caliber (.615 in (15.6 mm)) than a 12 gauge shotgun (.729 in (18.5 mm)). It is often used by beginning shooters for target practice and for hunting small game.

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    Shotgun 20 gauge 4buck/bbs FRAM oil can penetration test

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    20 gauge shotgun Buckshot /bbs into pumpkin mix can/ soup/beets plywood test

    interesting dino survived
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    20 gauge Tactical shotgun FRX pattern test motorhome hubcap 4buck bbs penetration

    well look like i am hiting low both 40 cal taurus and shotgun a little ill ajust the redd\ot on shotgun up
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    Tactical 20 gauge Shotgun FXR old Truck oil filter bb/buck penetration test

    wow didnt know the bb's would just bounce off the steel few 4 buck penetrated
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    Shooting a Old 1960s chevy CORSAIR Bumper and Gas tank with 20 gauge 4 buck/BBS

    wow that bumper strong Btw that telephone pole in back ground is defunct no wires old also
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    20 Gauge FRX Tactical shotgun with REDOT test shots using 4 buck& bbs load

    a lot smoother action to
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    FedArm FRX Tactical pump Shotgun 20 gauge first shots pattern test

    i buffed and sanded out the inside of the action its a lot smother now
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