1. 1971Chevelle

    Colt Official Police .38 Revolver - Issued

    If this ad is still up, then the item is still available. If you ask me if it is still available, I will just delete your email. If you want to see it, tell me so, then ask me when you can see it. Simple. One Colt Official Police .38 revolver - issued. This firearm is in pretty decent...
  2. G

    Camping revolver

    I'm looking for a nice .38 Spl ( +P) 4 inch barrel revolver to have when I camp...can buy or trade knives /axes, maybe other camping gear ...??? Thank you
  3. E

    Colt Python .357 Revolver W/4" barrel

    Colt Python .357 magnum - 4" barrel , stored in my gun safe, in factory box. The outer cardboard cover got destroyed or lost over the years. Appears Unfired except for factory test firing . Slight ding or abrasion I found on the edge of sights rail on top After a request about hand grips I...
  4. I

    Hi standard mk-iv

    Hi guys, just created an account here in the hopes to find a gun I want to ad to my collection. I am looking for a hi standard mk-iv.
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