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    20ga defense shotgun

    I'm finally biting the bullet and looking for a 20ga the Old Woman will use (as well as myself). Primarily for home defense, possibly as a ride-along to keep handy on trips. What Im looking for is a short(er) barrel- 20 inches or so max- with extended mag, either installed or add-on. (This is...
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    Jul-Aug PFC Training Courses - Folding Knife, Handgun, Concealed Carry, Carbine, Medical and Shotgun!

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    Fundamental Shotgun Skills (FSS)

    May 30 - 10AM-3PM - PFC Pioneer Annex Range Complex located on the NV side of Sandy Valley, NV Fundamental shotgun Skills is a 5hr introductory course designed to provide students with safe, efficient and effective defensive shotgun skills. Contrary to popular belief, the shotgun doesn’t have...