1. T

    Primed 40 S&W Brass

    BTT Price lowered. 400 primed cases 40 S&W cases for $50. As I no longer shoot 40 S&W caliber, I am offering my remaining primed brass. This is range brass which I deprimed, wet cleaned and primed using Winchester WSP small pistol primers. I have three bags, 400 primed cases per bag at $60...
  2. Gunslinger808

    S&W Shield recall

    This pertains to the Shield EZ pistol, defective hammer may cause accidental discharge or OOB multiple discharges... https://www.mpshieldezrecall.com/?utm_campaign=593710_SW+Recall&utm_medium=email&utm_source=DotDigital&dm_i=5DZB%2CCQ3Y%2C3LC9BV%2C1BQGW%2C1