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Calvin Alan Byrd (born December 17, 1981), professionally known by his stage name 40 Cal, is an Dominican American rapper. He was a member of Harlem-based hip-hop group The Diplomats.
40 Cal made his first appearance on the self-titled theme song, "40 Cal" for the Dipset album Diplomatic Immunity 2. He took a part on MTV2's Fight Klub MC battles.

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  1. S

    Ruger 9mm FMJ bent the steel plate flipping it over ruger Sr40 40 cal did ok

    that was something duck tape doesn't work LOL
  2. S

    Shotgun 20 gauge bbs/4Buck verses 40 cal FMJ into water jugs

    wow 40 went right threw
  3. S

    4 pistols 22lr 9mm 40 cal bullets go right through Cheap shooting plate at 22 yards

    lol thats not much metal in there more like tin
  4. S

    S&W M&P 40 cal compact 1st shots ruger p95 did the best 62 yards

    missfire ammo primers had a few misfires with the Taurus also in the past
  5. S

    40 cal Taurus Quick draw then 3 pistols 81 yards canik TPSFX 9mm did the best

    well the safty needs so geeting used t
  6. S

    TerminatoršŸ¤– Shock legšŸ¦æ absorber Penetration test 22lr 40 cal sks 7.62

    ok that was oilly lol
  7. S

    3 pistals sr ruger 40 cal best at 100 yards got LOST in the desert twightzone

    that has sppoky geting disoranated
  8. S

    3 pistols at 75 yards Tz-75 hit the plate 2nd place XD 40 cal Springfield

    yeah hitting low with the 40 and high with the 9mm
  9. S

    SUPER bowl pistols shoot at 130 yards S&W m&p 40 cal hits propane can

    canik tpsfx had the best grouping just missed the plate
  10. S

    canik 9mm and new camo rough rider 22lr S&W 40 cal out to 105 yards

    ok the stick help a lot more for the canik and S&w i see
  11. S

    9mm /40 cal / 22lr bullets into old Microwave penetration test

    i am here ok they mainly cut right through them i see
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