1. J

    9mm bullets for trade

    I have a box of 500 9mm Federal Premium Syntech bullets - 115 grain. Looking to trade for some 22 cal Hornady V-max .55 grain or similar quality bullets such a Sierra Match King.
  2. H

    Hornady 55gr FMJ Bullets

    Hornady 55gr FMJ Bullets. $14.00/100 $130/1000 (Limited amount available). USPS Money Order, Visa/MC (+3.75% that's what I pay) Should have some 9mm, 357 mag Starline brass next week.
  3. J

    .40 S&W Bullets and 1 box of ammo - $200

    I have three boxes of bullets and 1 box of .40 cal ammo for sale. $200 Total number of bullets is 1,500 Two of the boxes are SNS coated bullets - 140 gr FP The other box is 500 of Red River Bullets - 180 gr TC The box of ammo is 50 rounds of Remington 180 gr. Wish to sell in Arizona and meet...
  4. B


    WWT 6.5 cal - 205-SMK150 bullets for 142SMK bullets. Located in Sun City Festival. Buckeye BW
  5. A

    BULLETS for sale Phoenix AZ

    These bullets are from an estate sale. I'm selling these for the widow. The prices are for 500, and will be shipped if needed USPS priority mail. These are located in Phoenix AZ MANUFACTURE EXTREME EXTREME EXTREME BERRY BERRY BULLET DIA 0.729" 0.452" 0.410" 0.357" 0.401" WEIGHT GR. 220...
  6. old4570guy

    Hornady HAP bullets undersize.

    I was loading some i24 gr. Hornady HAP bullets for my 1911 in .38 Super and noticed when I put them in the ammo box they were different lengths. I took one out to check it and found I could push the bullet back into the case. (medium taper crimp.) I measured one and it was .352. WTH? Anyone else...
  7. R

    Hardcast Lead Bullets, Buckshot, Slugs for Reloading

    32cal .314 115gr SWC-Gas Check 250/box $30.90 9mm .356 124gr Truncated Cone 500/box $36.40 38cal .358 158gr Semi Wadcutter 500/box $39.90 38cal . .358 158gr SWC-GC 250/box...
  8. D

    casting supplies

    casting supplies, 52 lbs casting lead,Brinnel appox. 9, $3.00/lb, Lee furnace-$40.00, lyman ingot mold-$10.00. call JIM @775-340-4174 after 12:00 noon. I am in Phoenix.
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