lake city

  1. F

    Lake City 30-06 ammo for sale

    I have a can of 398 rounds Lake City 30-06 LOT 42201. Asking 1.50 per round. Local pickup or I can meet at Ben Avery.
  2. Aim4x

    30:06 Lake City brass

    30:06 Lake City brass cleaned and reloaded once. $.20 each I have 252 of these. Remington once fired 100 @ $25.00 Remington 90 pics mixed once & twice fired $22.00. Winchester once fired 240 @ $60.00. Winchester 40 pcs twice fired $8.00. Springfield 40 pcs once fired $10.00. Winchester 46 pcs...
  3. nvshooter

    Lake City brass...

    I've heard that Lake City brass is the preferred military brass for reloaders of 5.56mm NATO rounds. Anybody know why? Just folklore, vicious rumor or maybe a bad joke? I have hunnerds upon hunnerds of 'em, some as old as 1972. The headstamp has changed multiple times over the decades. I prefer...
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