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  1. E

    Ammo for sale Tucson 7.62x51, 5.56 & .40 s&w

    I have a few rounds for each caliber listed. willing to sell in 500 & 1000 rd packages. please INCLUDE PHONE NUMBER in msg will transact via TEXT and PHONE calls ONLY. current market price. discount for serious buyers. will trade .40 for 9mm 1 for 1. TUCSON AREA ONLY! hope all is well out...
  2. F

    .270 ammo for sale

    I have 220 rounds of Federal 130gr .270 Soft Point ammo for sale - $1.00/rd
  3. F

    Lake City 30-06 ammo for sale

    I have a can of 398 rounds Lake City 30-06 LOT 42201. Asking 1.50 per round. Local pickup or I can meet at Ben Avery.
  4. F

    Looking for 348 caliber ammo for sale for a Winchester model 71 rifle

    Looking for 348 caliber ammo for sale for a Winchester model 71 rifle
  5. U

    357Sig ammo for sale

    I have 1800 125gr Prvi Partizan rounds for $380, 1700 125gr CCI Lawman rounds for $380, and 1500 125gr Freedom Munition rounds for $380. All is 357Sig, NOT 357magnum. I live in Idaho but make trips to Ogden Ut. frequently. Buy all for $1000.
  6. R

    7.62x51mm .308 ammo for sale 100+ rounds Winchester 147 grain

    I have 109 rounds of Winchester 147 grain 7.62x51mm (.308) ammo in the boxes for sale in North Phoenix for $75.
  7. old4570guy

    .500 S&W Ammo for sale

    Anyone out there have a .500 S&W? I have a buddy in Phoenix that has a whole Crap-Load of ammo. Cor-Bon, Hornady, Federal Winchester, Minwall, Grizzly, Ultra-Max, Buffalo Bore, HSM, and Mag-Tech. He also has some 9X18 Makarov and assorted other ammo and dies.
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