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  1. 2AzShooters

    Arisaka Type 38 in 6.5 Jap

    Type 38 Series: 23 Caliber: 6.5 Jap Finish: Blued Barrel Length: 31” This is a Kokura Arsenal Arisaka rifle in 6.5 Jap. Overall, this Arisaka is in very good condition with no major flaws. It has the normal dings and scratches for a 70+ year old rifle. The bore is in great condition and...
  2. F

    Experience with Curio and Relic license

    Recently I have been getting into into old military surplus rifles more and more, and have been considering getting and C&R license to make things easier. Anybody here have one? If so what was the process like? Are you glad you got it? Any kind of info or advice is appreciated.
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