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  1. azharley22

    Lake City XM118LR .308

    I have some extra Federal Lake City 7.62x51mm XM118 Ammo 175 Grain Match Hollow Point Bulk 500 Rounds. This stuff is very accurate. Brass is reloadable if you’re into that. $600 comes with 4 100 round protected boxes plus 100 rounds in the original bag and a large 308 ammo can.
  2. wifininja021

    Got my muzzle device in today!

    Heck yes I'm excited. I am getting some of my parts for the AR308 that I'm building to take Elk hunting at the end of November. I saw this company advertising on gun.deals. Helius Tactical This particular one is the 1776 model for $17.76 plus 20% off using "REMEMBER20" coupon code I got it for...